drive-thru (2018)

performance in collaboration with Nico Daleman

Listening is understood as a gesture of identifying with a community, as the act necessitates a connection between speaker and listener. Taking as their starting point Benedict Anderson’s notion of the imagined community, Michele Hilmes and James Loviglio write about the building of local, national identities through radio, and its function as a mass media that structurally consolidates geographically-separate audiences into one listener-consumer base. As technological advancements allowed for improved fine-tuning between stations, the development of ‘local’ radio within the range of FM stations began dividing listening audiences into readymade groups of consumers.  

DRIVE-THRU explores acts of transmission and reception in in-between zones. By flipping through different types of radio broadcasting, from radio plays to media-specific composition, to digital podcasts and broadcasting, it is also a listening through simultaneous time-frames and technological developments. What types of borders and areas arise from the process of broadcasting? How do different acts of "tuning in" from the side of the listener affect our understanding of geographical space? 

The performance uses RC cars equipped with a receiver to trace paths between various forms of radiophonic signals and reproduce picked-up sounds in attached speakers.




  photos © Anders Ehlin